What is BSides London?

Security B-Sides is a community-driven event built for and by information security community members.

It will be in April in London and will be awesome. You can't afford to miss it!

What is Dradis Professional?

Dradis Professional is the best collaboration solution for security teams.

What you do with the time we save you is up to you: do some research, finish early and go home, or maybe go for a drink...

Why are we sponsoring BSides London 2013?

Our own history is linked to efforts similar to what BSides London is trying to accomplish. Being able to make it happen and to give a fresh generation of speakers and tool writers a chance is the best way to give back to the community.

But above all, we love the ideas and passion driving the team behind
B-Sides London 2013

We will be giving away a Dradis Pro license during BSides

The specifics aren't set in stone yet but we will be giving away a 1-year Dradis Pro license to a BSides attendee.

Leave us your email to learn how. And keep an eye on Twitter.

Unfortunately that ship has sailed now. On the bright side, Dradis is still priced very competitively.

Lets talk!

Will you attend BSides London 2013 and want to catch up?
... or maybe you want a demo right now?


What people say...

Before Dradis, we had spreadsheets, lots of emails and lots of wasted time.

Allen Harper

We've been using Dradis Pro for over a year now and it's really helped us speed up our testing and ensure that we're providing a consistent service to our customers.

Rory McCune

Dradis Pro supports multiple projects and comes with high-quality professional support. It was a no-brainer to get the subscription.

Robin Wood

Leveraging Dradis Pro and Vuln HQ in tandem allows us to spend less time worrying about standard templates & verbiage and more time analyzing or delivering findings.

Ken Johnson

Dradis Pro has genuinely made a difference to how we record and report on each test.

Marc Wickenden

Death by reporting is so much less painful.